Thanksgiving Paleo Pecan Pie


Concept, Planning, Styling, Cinematography, On-screen Talent, Editing, Graphics


Camera and lighting setup with CAM 1 on the camera stand overhead, CAM 2 straight on, and CAM 3 on the motorized slider

In an effort to continue creating holiday-themed content, which began with the ‘Spooky Ghosty S’Mores’ video, I opted for to create a series of four videos for Thanksgiving. One of the issues that people observing the Paleo and other restrictive diets experience, is difficulty melding their food needs with common holidays and traditions.  This is especially apparent for food-focused and pot-luck holidays like Thanksgiving.  I worked with the recipe team to pull existing Thanksgiving appropriate recipes that anybody might enjoy, regardless of their dieting status, and created videos offering them as alternatives to some of the drab, store-bought staples.

The Paleohacks video department was busy with a number of other projects, so this was something that I opted to handle myself in an effort to be quick and easy on resources.  We were also looking to expand the types of recipe videos we were creating for YouTube, so these were created to be slightly longer than our other formats and include narration instead of just music.

The final spread of all four recipes come together for a Paleo Thanksgiving feast

Production took place over two days and was centered around making it look more like a more involved shoot.  This was achieved by using three cameras shooting simultaneously and ‘faking’ the look of a camera operator in post.  Camera 1 was a top-down camera, covering the entire cooking scene.  Camera 2 was head-on with a more narrow depth of field and adjusted as necessary to serve as general coverage or individual detail shots. The final, Camera 3 was wide angle and on an automatic panning slider sweeping across the table.

The intro was filmed at the end, once all of the recipes were complete, so that the ‘poof’ swap-out effects would work better and all of the videos looked sufficiently similar. I cut together all three cameras in editing and gave the front and slider cameras a gentle artificial camera shake to look hand-held.  I added the voice over and a unique look for titles, since the format was new and could potentially be used again, as necessary.