Bright Naturals – Collagen Smoothie


Planning, Direction, Cinematography, Styling, On-Screen Talent, Editing


Additional On-Screen Talent


Cinematography, Camera, Additional Editing


Eddie setting up the jib for the drop down into the blender

Bright Naturals is the supplement spin-off project from Paleohacks, designed to both appeal to a wider audience than its primary cookbook business and also act as an add-on sale for existing customers. This meant that the first product, Collagen, would need unique and fresh branding to both establish the look and feel of Bright Naturals and also stand out in a crowded marketplace.

I had already been a lead in the original product design and marketing process, and helped to develop a bright and clean, yet organic look with specific accent colors.  The goal of the video project was to create a range of assets that could be used across marketing and social through the initial launch.  I planned the shoot around highlighting the ease of the product’s regular daily use for customers and focused on the stand-out feature, quick integration with both hot and cold beverages.

Over the course of a single day shoot, we set up various tabletop scenes accented with brand-matching paper backdrops.  Each video featured bright and clean lighting, a trendy mix of white and saturated textures for styling, and smooth and unique camera movement to maintain an air of ‘hip’ quality.

Tilt up and focus adjust shot using just a custom arm and a tripod head

We shot with two cameras, one straight on with an 85mm lens and narrow depth of field to capture the scene and general action, and the other with various lenses and camera movement tools as necessary.  We used a 60mm macro lens on a tripod for tight detail shots, a 35mm at f/1.4 on a jib to drop into the blender bowl, and various lenses for slow moving slider shots. We spent a good portion of the morning perfecting a swing up-and-over shot to highlight pouring the collagen powder into each of the glasses.  We rigged a custom arm onto the tilt arm of a tripod and racked focus during the move to create the unique shot. Lighting was kept large, soft, and directional to keep a bright and even look of a big set of windows, while leaving some darkness in the shadows for contrast.

With the footage covering a wide range, both Eddie and I were able to cut a variety of different pieces from Instagram content pieces, Facebook ads, and website materials, to short sales page marketing and promotional videos.